How it works

StoneMaps is your secret to an extraordinary experience by turning the GPS unit you already own into a live resort GPS map. You know exactly where you are at the resort and the location of all the nearby attractions, restrooms, character greetings, and more. Equiped with this information, you will spend more time enjoying the magic and less time searching and wandering.

StoneMaps creates GPS maps for the most popular resort areas, including: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Six Flags resorts, Universal Studios, Sea World, ski resorts and many other resort areas.

Case Studies

How to install

Installing StoneMaps products on your Garmin GPS couldn't be easier. After your purchase, you will receive an automatic map transfer utility that will run on a Windows computer. Simply connect your GPS unit to your computer using either a serial or USB cable (appropriate cables are available from your GPS manufacturer) and follow the on-screen instructions for transferring the map to your GPS unit. No additional software is required.

StoneMaps are compatible with all Windows operating systems since Windows 98, including Windows 7 64-bit. If you would like to purchase a version of StoneMaps that can be transferred to your GPS unit from a Macintosh or other operating system, please contact us.

StoneMaps are compatible with all Garmin GPS units that support supplemental maps, such as the Nuvi series, GPSMap series, Colorado series, Oregon series, Rino series (except Rino 110), and many more. If you are unsure whether your Garmin GPS unit supports supplemental maps, please consult your GPS Owners manual, the Garmin website, or contact us.