California Disneyland Parks GPS map

Bring along your GPS when you head to California and spend more time enjoying the magic and less time searching and wandering.

The StoneMaps California Disneyland Parks GPS map contains California's finest premier resorts:

  • Disneyland
  • Disney's California Adventure

Whether you are young or young at heart, Disneyland and their top notch cast members never disappoint. Visit timeless attractions such as It's a Small World and the Enchanted Tiki Room, or newer favorites such as Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

California Adventure has some very innovative and exciting rides. Soarin' over California combines incredible video and realistic scents to create the illusion of flight as you travel over towering snow covered mountains, citrus smelling orange groves, and ocean sprayed beaches. The California Screamin' roller coaster doesn't start by clicking up a hill like a traditional coaster - it accelerates from zero to fifty down a magnetic track before coasting up the first hill! In The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, you will experience the reenactment of a fateful elevator ride that took place over fifty years ago.

This GPS basemap contains the following data and Points of Interest (POI):

  • all of the rides and attractions located in both Disneyland and California Adventure,
  • monorail tracks and stops,
  • pathways between attractions,
  • designated spots to find Disney characters,
  • all publicly available restrooms - including those that you won't find on the printed map,
  • the location of Disney resort hotels, and
  • all major roads and parking lots around the parks.

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